Tivoli and Bard College with Masha

Meeting old friends who you haven't seen for a while is an exciting feeling. The only thing is that you never know if it will be great exciting when you can't part again or shaking exciting when you can't find any single topic to talk about. 

I haven't seen Masha since probably 2008 or so. We've been friends at High school but unfortunately haven't spent a lot of time together since the graduation. And now she was coming to new York for some weeks, so we planned an evening together first and I was waiting for that evening to come.

We had such a great time talking about everything we missed in each other's lives, and we couldn't push it all into one single evening of course. After that we had many wonderful hours together chatting, hugging and walking the shore of the Hudson River in the city and upstate in Tivoli and on the campus of the Bard College.

I guess it's just that if you fit together then you can renew the connection after even a long time without each other. It's always good to know, that you have one huggable friend more than you thought you did.