Central Park with Nisha

Nisha messaged me on facebook and asked about the photo stuff and when we could meet to shoot some pictures. The mutual friend we have is a great girl, so I was anticipating a nice time and a relaxed photo walk. It was even better.

Nisha is a multi talented person with a lot of things she can do: painting, pottery, film photography, and somehow also computer and social sciences. I couldn't believe what I heard, but it was true. And just look how she smiles!

It looked like it was going to rain, but we were lucky enough to get a pretty good weather, and actually the perfect amount of wind and sun to get nice pictures ;)

nisha portrait photo central park green tree.jpg

I can't stop wondering, how many great people I already have met in New York only by making photography. Misha, thank you so much for the great time and for your inspiring stories.