Philadelphia and Washington D.C. on the Memorial Day week-end

What did I know about Philadelphia? Cheesesteak! And the University, and also the cream cheese? No, cream cheese isn’t really connected to the city, that’s what Wikipedia told meAt the moment of the planning I didn’t even know about Rocky, but now I do, hehe. Cheesecake? I don't think so.

What did I know about Washington D.C.? Just all the things you see in the movies plus my friend has been there during her work&travel summer and liked it. A good place to start.

Both of them were perfect for the week-end. I liked it, that Philadelphia has water in it, and the harbour, the garden with hanging mats on the shore, the flea market, the very tasty pho in the old town, a walk through the campus and the sunset in the skyscraper near the train station in the 30th street.

Washington looks like it should be full of people and sound buzzing, but on the Memorial day week-end it was empty. I had a chance to look into the little gardens and the back yards, to relax and eat the perfect ham and gruyere croissant, and walk in the food market was nice too. It was so stress-free and shiny and slowly moving.. And the bars and cafes with open spaces. Green and perfect.