Brooklyn Bridge photo date with Zhenya and Cemal

In Russia people believe that if you see a newly wed couple on the street and they are celebrating it will bring you good luck. There could be no better luck for me as a photographer than to portray this love.

There are many movies about cuddling in New York, and there are some of them, that you can see again and again and many more times after that, but if you were there in Brooklyn yesterday and could see these two, you would totally forget everything you have seen before. It's hard to write about love, but you just can see it in their moves and looks, in how they talk to each other and even in how they walk. 

brooklyn bridge dumbo engagement photo portrait couple new york7.jpg

I went home after this two hours photo walk with the feeling, that I became a better and a happier person. The happiness that is around you makes you happier, the love you see teaches you that you can care and love more.