Heart of Brooklyn with Mushkie

Some people definitely move to New York having the financial things and the IT technologies in mind. Having grown up on the Friends and the Sex and the City (cheesy, sorry) I moved here thinking of the fashion technologies that develop in this area. The world of sample sales, Bloomingsdale’s, personal shoppers  and Fifth Avenue with the 10.000 dollar Michael Kors skirt in the window - that was the image I had in mind.

So I was really excited to meet and photograph Mushkie, who scouts sample sales in NYC and also takes sample sales shopping orders. The world of fashion was just in front of me.

Have you ever met a person, who was born and grew up and studied in New York? I now have! In addition to this Mushkie is also lovely, cute and funny, and as you see has a great taste. All the parts of the outfit come from the sample sales in New York, so now I know that you don't need to spend a fortune on the outfit to look stylish and nice.