Hudson river park portraits for Larcy

I love to make portraits of girls.

When I first read "Naiv.Super" be Erlend Loe I fell in love with its lines about girls. The narrator kept telling, how sad everything abound him can be and that it still can turn good when a girl is there laughing. And how girls seem to know something, that boys don't, and also something about their voices and walking and stuff. He was clearly falling in love with one of the girls in the novel, but it sounded so charming and great, that I started adoring every line of the book.

This is why I love making pictures of girls. I love how they laugh and walk and touch their hair. I love how I feel while editing the portraits of them and I am happy when in the end they are happy with he pictures.

I met Larcy in Chelsea and our plan was to take a walk and make some pictures of her being sad. She is a songwriter and a singer and needed some pictures for the release of her new song. We made the sad shots, but the fun ones kept coming.

I loved how she looked, how easy it was to talk to her and how great she was in front of the camera. Do you love making portraits of girls as much as I do?