Week-end bike getaway: Princeton

Breaking news! I am still alive after some 80 something miles biking up and down the New Jersey hills. I’d better write something down before I forget the details, so here is some important information before the big post comes:

  • The final point was the Princeton campus
  • We slept in a hotel 5 or 6 miles away from Princeton
  • The best way from Manhattan to Sandy hook is the ferry (26 use one way, 45 return ticket, 5 use for the bike)
  • For the way back home we chose 1,5 hours NJ Transit from Princeton Junction to Penn Station

It’s priceless to be on the road again after the night in a hotel. It’s a great feeling to ride the bike near cars. You see much more from the bike than from a car and you get further than walking. I am so looking forward to taking the next bike tour, probably the next week-end