Feel the wind: Katya

Some weeks ago my instagram feed was full of beautiful senior photographs. These girls and boys looked so relaxed, cool and calm. Senior portraits make such a great field of photography because you get to see people who make big plans and see the world in a different way.  

Now it’s summer and you want to be either in the water or under a tree. Well, or in the evening on a rooftop with a lot of wind ;) Or if you are on vacation then you also can enjoy some international communication in a summer language camp. 

Katya came to the New Jersey from St. Petersburg, Russia, so I got to get some news from my home town. She is graduating from school next year, so you could say that the photo shooting we had was the pre-senior one. 

It was a hot afternoon, so after we finished the river wind / tree shadow / High line shadow program we went for a lemonade. Can you find a white bunny in this one?

The best thing in the photography for me is seeing and meeting so many new interesting people. It's inspiring that my clients are always great to talk to and we always have fun together.