Weekend bike getaway to Princeton

Are there any bike trail movies or only the road ones? Because the start of that day would make the perfect bike trail movie: you wake up in a motel, go to the nearest breakfast cafe, share the classic breakfast (sausage, home fried potatoes, coffee, bagel with cream cheese and some juice) and then it's just the road, oh I mean the bike trail.

When you go to Princeton there also is a Kingston on your way, and google says, there was a Queenston before, so hooray to the equal rights.

In Princeton you can find bike trails, coffee shops, university tees shops, some cathedrals, a lot of flowers but unfortunately there were no students at all, only the high school babies who probably were brought here to get to know the campus for the future. 

After the loud big city it's priceless to spend the weekend in such a calm and relaxing place sipping tea and eating a burger on a terrace, but the feeling of being on the road is even better

princeton bike flower campus korrelatik walksmilesnap.jpg