Lincoln Center Portraits for Muriha

There are many things I like about photographing people and I have already written many words on this. The new one that I didn't have in mind before the last photo date with Muriha is that the photography activities always are a challenge. You are looking for the perfect spot in advance and plan the shooting, and then you are challenged to let your model know that you have the control over the situation and let her or him relax. 

Muriha was the first person I photographed in New York. That first gig with her was such a pleasure and so full of new positive experience, that I kept thinking of her and our work together all the time. After the last photo shooting at the Lincoln Center with her I got out of the everytime photography challenge with the feeling that we both again did a great job. She is such a great and relaxed model, such a gorgeous girl and such a huge inspiration for me.

Those walls and columns of the Lincoln center, the garden behind the Met Opera and all the ballet posters make such a great scenery for the portrait shooting. The light bounces from the white and beige walls back to the model so that the skin tones look good, and the lines make a good job accenting the curves.

I've been wanting to shoot a girl in a black dress in the Lincoln Center for a really long time and am so happy and thankful that Muriha did this together with me.