The waiting

One of the things I like about shooting film is the bittersweet waiting for the developed pictures. On the one hand this is the feeling of joy because you know, the process is coming to the end and the result of your work is going to show up. On the other hand you've already waited so long during the shooting that you can't wait any longer. You need to wait just a little bit more and you even already know how long it will be (a couple of hours probably or so) but these last hours are soooo long.

And while I am familiar with the waiting caused by the film developing I practically had no idea how hard it is not to unpack something you have in your hand for a couple of hours. The thing is, today I got the pictures from our wedding day from the talented and wonderful Larisa Shorina and I am dying to take a look at them! They are beautifully wrapped and one of the pictures is on the envelope. So I have the exact idea, how good they are but can't really take a look at them! I at this moment remind me of Monica from the Friends and how she tried to find excuses to unwrap the wedding gifts by herself: Maybe I can just look at one of them? Can I just look inside and see if the pictures are on a USB flash drive or on a CD? Is there any excuse for girls considering waiting? Can I open them alone and then make a nice dinner? Please?

Does anyone here by any chance have a X-Ray generator?